12 Steps to Waste Reduction – #3

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3. Go Vegetarian

#3 on the 12 Steps to Waste Reduction in Your Diet list can be a tough one but is probably the most important step on the list.

Here are a few things that a meat (including fish and poultry) eating diet is contributing to:

Climate change and polluting of our environment

Degenerative diseases that could be prevented through diet change alone

Overfishing and disrupting the oceans natural ecosystems

Deforestation and destruction of wildlife

Starvation of humans caused by feeding livestock huge amounts of corn and soy

Will all these reasons, isn’t it time to give it vegetarianism a shot? It won’t kill you, why not do an experiment and see if you can go 1 week without eating animals?

Soon I’ll be posting some cooking videos and recipes to help you on your new journey!

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