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Many moons ago I dedicated a few posts to questions about plastics, specifically BPA, a chemical found in plastic baby bottles that can be harmful to us human types. Though there is some debate about exactly how bad it is for us, every source I found agreed that our consumption of this chemical should be kept as low as possible.

My advice, based on my research, was to 1) switch out “bad” plastics containing BPA for safer plastics such as the Born Free brand baby bottles, 2) to swap our grown up drinking bottles (such as Nalgenes) for stainless steel versions, and 3) assuming these changes won’t be instantaneous, to minimize the BPA that passes from our plastics into our drinking water by not heating plastics (in the microwave, by adding boiling water, or by leaving them lay in the sun).

I am happy to announce that just a month ago Senator Carole Migden from San Francisco passed a bill through the California Senate that will “prohibit the manufacture, sale or distribution of food and beverage containers designed for use by children age 3 or younger if the items contain bisphenol-A.” Hats off to Ms. Migden. With California being such a monster consumer, this will no doubt pressure manufacturers to make the switch for other markets as well.

Of course, no one is looking out for us oldie olds. We have to do that for ourselves.

In the name of treating ourselves as well as we treat our children (‘cause we all know it’s not always the case), I would like to take a moment to recommend a new product. It’s called a Love Bottle. Basically, it’s a drinking container made of (surprisingly durable) glass. They sell different versions, including some you can draw on (which is fun), and it even fits perfectly in the cup holder of the stroller. For you mommas out there who are still nursing your babies, I highly recommend them (remember BPA passes into the breast milk, so it’s especially important for breastfeeding mommas to keep their consumption low). Check out their website. (Did I Mention it’s a California-based company? They even donate a portion of their proceeds to Global Water, a company dedicated to helping people in developing countries to get clean drinking water.

California just makes good things happen.

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