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Organic Baby Food

Is organic baby food worth the additional expense? This is a question I have ignored thoroughly. I buy organic baby food, in the glass jar (because plastic contains BPA and it’s better to avoid it where you can), every time. Am I a big sucker? Am I needlessly throwing away money that could be going into the college fund? Maybe. Perhaps it’s time to examine the facts.

The store that I shop at sells organic baby food (in the 6oz jar) for twenty cents more than the regular kind (79 cents instead of 59 – roughly 34% more). Our baby girl goes through about three jars a day. That’s sixty extra cents a day, or about eighteen dollars a month. We started her on food at about six months, and I can already see that we are beginning to transition into finger foods (like cheese, fruit, and whole veggies and her absolute favorite – Cheerios). I would estimate that we only have a few more months of jar foods left, but lets say she keeps up her rate of three jars a day until she’s 18 months. A full year of organic food costs $216 more than a full year of regular jar food.

That’s not too expensive, but it is $216 I could do something else with, like fly to Vegas. Is buying organic baby food really that important?

In short – yes. A quick Google search for “organic baby food” turned up a plethora of options for investigating the health benefits of organic baby foods. I skipped anything with the word “organic” in the url. I know what they have to say. Instead, I looked long and hard for anyone claiming that organic foods are not worth the expense. I couldn’t find any. I changed my search terms; “organic baby food debate,” “organic baby food scam,” “organic baby food expense.” All I could find were sites confirming that babies are more sensitive to the chemicals used on food crops, and that it is a good idea to give them organic food.

Consumer Reports say that “because children’s developing bodies are especially vulnerable to the toxins found in non-organic baby food, it pays to buy organic food for baby as often as possible.” That’s a sound endorsement from a source I trust.

An article in states “it makes sense to avoid foods with pesticides, since babies are far more vulnerable to the toxic effects of pesticides because of their small size and immature digestive and detoxification system.”

I could quote more, but I think the general idea is crystal clear. There really is no debate. I guess Vegas can wait.
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  1. I too say yes – even if you have to make it from scratch to cut the cots.

    You can get coupons from the manufacturer’s websites. Here are some more tips.

    Nice site, I clicked around to watch your tv channel, where do I go for that?


  2. Thanks! Video content is not up and running as of yet. Check back with us!


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