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12 Steps to Waste Reduction – #2

2. Buy at Farmer’s Markets / Join a CSA / Buy Local

Buying local means purchasing fruits and veggies that are produced within a 200 mile radius of your home. How do you do that? You can start shopping at your local Farmer’s Market or you can join a CSA. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. These means that you would create a relationship with a farm and give money to them in exchange for a weekly basket of harvest later in the season. The Local Harvest site will help you find a CSA near you!

Also, ask your favorite grocery to start carrying more local produce. You will do the planet a great service if you buy foods that did not travel thousands of miles to get on your plate.

And, how about starting your own garden at home? You can even grow fruits, veggies, and herbs in small spaces in containers if you don’t have a yard. Here is a great guide to get you started on growing edibles in containers.

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