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What’s the Deal With Organic Milk?

Personally, I don’t drink or want to promote the drinking of any dairy products. But, what if you can’t kick the habit, should you be buying organic milk? This post was sparked while I did a demonstration at a chain grocery store (to make some extra cash) and I was stationed in front of the dairy case. It was a pretty slow afternoon so I watched in horror as families passed me with sodas, Cheetos, and plenty of other junk food in their carts (Where are the fruits and veggies people??!!). I watched almost every single person grab milk (and eggs for that matter), but out of 300+ people I witnessed maybe 5 grabbing the organic milk (I saw 6 grab Soy milk, and 0 grab the Rice milk)(This chain store did not have my favorite, Almond milk).

Let me start off by explaining how cow milk is produced. Cow’s milk is produced from the mammary glands of the female cow after giving birth to a baby calf. This milk gives the calf all it’s nutrients to start growing into a 1500 pound cow. You knew this of course. But, wait a second, why is it that we are the only animal species that drinks milk after infancy? Especially when most humans loose the ability to digest the lactose found in milk. Lactose intolerance or allergy is greatly increasing in children and an estimated 70% of adult humans are unable to process lactose. Something to think about people!

So back to why you should drink organic milk if you aren’t already buying it. Dairy production is one of the largest industries in the US (next to beef, coal and oil I’m guessing). In order to produce the most milk possible cows are treated inhumanely and given Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) to speed up milk production. This lovely drug is made possible by Monsanto (one of the most evil companies in the world, see next post). It makes the cows sick and in turn they are fed antibiotics. This is all going into your milk people!

But, what makes an organic cow?

First of all, I was laughing and crying when I took a gander over at the National Dairy Council website. I must say that everything on this site is a blatant lie (ok, not everything, but most of it is there to get you to continue to buy milk and make them big bucks). The Dairy Council has been brainwashing us since the beginning of the 20th century. Please do not believe everything you read.

An organic cow is suppose to have “pasture feeding time”. This means they get to roam free outside on the grass and not be inside a crate that is barely larger than themselves. But, many supposed organic dairy farms are found slacking on this rule. Many of the largest organic farms like Horizon have upwards of 4,000 cows on their lot. Can they really ensure that all those cows are going to have their pasture time?

The people over at The Cornucopia Institute are investigating organic farms and giving you the straight scoop. Check them out!

GO ORGANIC or go with an alternative like Soy, Rice, or Almond milk.

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