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Save the Sippy?

Recently I was invited by a friend (and a mother of twins) to attend a “safe plastics” party. This is a new trend in parenting where one family is able to share their own paranoia more efficiently with other parents by inviting them all over to watch a presentation about how the toys and utensils we give our children are slowly killing them. I was reluctant, but figured that if they were inviting us all over to explore such a daunting topic, odds are they would at least be serving alcohol.

I loaded my baby girl into her car seat, which she hates more than anything, and after an half-hour of screaming we arrived in Hollywood for the party. On the kitchen table there were piles of pamphlets, magazines, and fliers promoting a variety of “green” products and services. There were also juice boxes and organic snacks. There were no martinis.

Despite my sober state, I enjoyed the presentation. It was very well done. It consisted of a video, and a short talk by a former marketing executive (of plastic toys) who had seen the light and changed jobs to work for a new company that is selling a sippy cup that is designed to be safe for the little ones.

I was totally on board up until that last part. It seems that everyone is selling something. While I believe that this woman was earnest in her belief that plastics are harmful, I couldn’t overlook the fact that this new “safe sippy” costs quite a bit more than the “toxic” sippy one can buy at the drug store for a buck or two. Then I felt guilty – how can I put a price tag on the health of my baby girl?

Stay tuned to Green Rubber Duckies. I have made it my mission to track down unbiased sources of information, and to share it with you, to help us as parents know when to spend the extra money to protect our babies, and when it’s just a lot of green hype.
Posted in My Blog on 05/15/2008 08:50 pm

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