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New travel blog and retreat update!

Hello friends! If you read my last post I was feeling pretty in the dumps last week. This week is totally different. Maybe it was hormonal? I don’t really know but I’m moving on and getting excited about my future travels. You probably know I started a new travel business offering unique, affordable getaways in beautiful locations with special guest teachers. I also started blogging over at my new website, and I forgot how much I LOVE writing! Blogging has fallen to the waist side over the last few years, but when I’m passionate about something the words just flow.… Read more
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Vegetarian Summerfest 2015

As many of you know I’ve been focusing more on the fitness side of my business. This means that I’m giving more talks and fitness classes at conferences and vegfests. I had the opportunity to do both of those at this year’s Vegetarian Summerfest, hosted by NAVS, instead of a cooking demo like last year. Cooking is still a passion of mine and I do love getting people excited about cooking up their own meals. But broadening my horizons is the name of the game this year!… Read more
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Vida Vegan Con III Recap

When I come back from conferences like Vida Vegan Con it’s not always easy to put into words what I experienced. This is the 3rd time I’ve been to VVC, first time presenting, and it’s bittersweet in numerous ways. First, it’s the last one. The three amazing women that organize the conference have full time jobs and it’s not sustainable for them to continue it. So maybe someone else will come along and carry the torch. There’s a special energy to this conference because you meet people for the first time that you’ve known online for years.… Read more
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Retreat Details and Week 14 Circuit Workout

I’m super excited to announce the details for my next yoga, fitness, wellness retreat! Last year’s retreat in Bali was a huge success so I’ve decided to offer a retreat every fall partnered with some of the best fitness/yoga/wellness professionals I know! This time I’ve kept it closer to home and shorter to allow more people to attend. Many people expressed last year they couldn’t travel too far and many couldn’t take a whole week off from work and family. So here you go!… Read more
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Travel Log: Sydney is my kind of city

I was blessed to be taken on a three week tour of Australia by my friend Crystal after the Bali retreat. It was her 30th birthday present to herself to take a year off and travel the world. She started that trip at my retreat and asked if I would keep traveling with her. We continued on our journey refreshed and ready for anything. Our first stop after leaving beautiful Bali was Sydney, Australia. We took the red-eye so I could arrive in time on Sunday to speak at the Cruelty-Free Festival (the retreat had ended Saturday!).… Read more
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Travel Log: A soulful and invigorating time in Bali

It’s hard to explain what I experienced in Bali. I think most people feel this way when they travel to a place that is unlike anything they’ve ever experienced. To say it’s a magical place is an understatement. Yes, it’s overrun with tourists. Yes, I wish I could have visited the Bali that was pre-Eat Pray Love. But what I experienced during my retreat at Alam Sari (and Ubud) was magical to say the least. Two weeks prior to the retreat I spent time with Lori (my partner for the retreat) hanging out, cooking, chatting, workout out, and planning the final details.… Read more
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