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Guest Post: Carrot-topia Parsnip Salad

March Cooking By Color – Orange Today’s guest post comes from Monica who will be contributing each month with a delicious Cooking By Color recipe! To tell you the truth I’ve never had parsnips raw before so I’m really looking forward to trying this method! Try it and let us know what you think in the comments. Carrot-topia Parsnip Salad by Monica Orange you are glad I didn’t say banana? An oldie, but a goodie. Also relevant to this month’s color choice: orange!… Read more
Posted on 03/20/2013 | Leave a Comment

Vegan Cuts Snack Box Fills Your Belly and Heart

I was super thrilled to try the new Vegan Cuts Snack Box. After trying Healthy Surprise I thought to myself it would be a great idea for them to do something like that too! I love supporting vegan companies, especially when they are as nice and cute as Jill and John (the owners of VC). You may have seen their adorable faces at your local veg festival showing off some of the great products: bath, beauty, food, clothing, they have it all!… Read more
Posted on 03/17/2013 | 2 Comments

Orange and Rose Blossom Cake

March Cooking By Color – Orange Today’s recipe features the most orange fruit of them all: the orange! I really wanted to do a dessert for you because it’s been forever. Orange juice and zest really lends itself to cakes, cupcakes, muffins, pastries and desserts of any kind in my book. Many years ago rose water was popular in baked goods so I bought some and haven’t touched it since. So out it came from the pantry to make this delicious cake.… Read more
Posted on 03/14/2013 | 4 Comments

Guest Post: Mango-Papaya Chutney, a wealth of orange foods in one recipe!

March Cooking By Color – Orange When I asked friend Heather from Healthy Eating Starts Here if she’d like to contribute to this year’s cooking by color theme she told me a little story about how she would be traveling around Peru and would be eating mangos and papayas 24/7. Well lucky you I thought. And lucky us that she told me she’d make time to share a recipe with us using those orangey fruits. Mango-Papaya Chutney by Heather I love adding sweet flavors to a meal, they can make an otherwise simple dish taste so much more interesting.… Read more
Posted on 03/11/2013 | 1 Comment

Quick Recap of My Trip to NYC and the NYC Vegetarian Food Fest

It was a whirlwind trip of only 3 days but it was memorable to say the least. I really love New York even with it’s freezing temperatures and expensive cab rides. My favorite things about the NYC Vegetarian Food Fest weekend were getting to see old friends, making new friends and of course eating a lot of amazing food! Did you get to go to the festival? What were your favorite speakers, products, or things about it? I love that there was a line wrapped around the building all day because it means veganism is not going anywhere.… Read more
Posted on 03/05/2013 | 2 Comments

Cookbook Review: Vegan Eats World Cookbook

February Cooking By Color – White, Brown, Black Terry Hope Romero’s new cookbook, Vegan Eats World, is one of the best cookbooks to come out recently. Being a world traveler I’m a big fan of a full color cookbook that features some of my favorite foods from across the globe. It’s almost like the noodle chapter was written just for me! One of my favorite white foods happens to be rice noodles! Read on to find out how to make Terry’s take on my favorite dish from Thailand; Pad Thai with Avocado and Spicy Greens.… Read more
Posted on 03/01/2013 | 64 Comments