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Experience Mantra 2016: AcroYoga

As you may recall last year in 2015 I decided to start setting mantras instead of resolutions or goals for the new year. 2015 was the year of No Fear. It went smashingly. When I dug deep to find the mantra for 2016, Experience came to me. It’s sort of a continuation of no fear, to experience brand new things that either I’ve always wanted to do or that I never thought about doing but would be interesting, fun, and enriching in some way.… Read more
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On weight gain and yoga

If you didn’t know I turned 37 last month. That isn’t old and it isn’t young. It’s kind of a pointless age really, but a nice right in the middle of my prime kind of number. The more I talk about my age and say/type/read the number the more I get comfortable with it. Because I’ve been struggling with aging (I’ll have to save that for another post!). One number I never rarely pay attention to is the number on the scale.… Read more
Posted on 06/08/2016 | 12 Comments

Travel log: Bangkok isn’t that bad!

The last time I was in Bangkok over 5 years ago it was dirty, smelly, crazy, loud, you constantly got harassed on the street, and ripped off. Just take a look at this travel log from October 2010 of my first impressions. When I stepped out of the airport in Bangkok this time no taxi drivers swarmed me. I wasn’t greeted with the symphony of horns beeping and “taxi, taxi, need a taxi miss, where you go miss, taxi, taxi”. Military rule might not be good for everyone but it is great for tourists.… Read more
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Travel log: I fell in love with the little island of Ko Phangan

My original plan was to spend 2 weeks on Ko Phangan. I left early to go to Bangkok for various reasons, like spending too much money, wanting to spend time with friends, and cook my own food again. I have a little regret about that decision because it is such a wonderful little island I could probably spend 6 months on. There’s a good chance I’ll be visiting again! It took quite a bit of travel to get to this beautiful island off the east coast of Thailand.… Read more
Posted on 05/06/2016 | 2 Comments

Travel log: I said goodbye to Bali and hello to Ko Phangan

Hey folks! Thought I would give you a quick recap of my time in Bali and update you on my new adventures. If you are following me on Instagram or other social media you know that I decided to head to Thailand after a month in Bali. My visa was about to expire, which I could have extended but thought why not explore new lands. I heard Ko Phangan was a vegan heaven and I haven’t been there before so why not?!… Read more
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Travel log: Why come to Bali for 6 weeks?

I bet a lot of people wonder why I travel so much. They might not understand the wanderlust I feel when I’m back on US soil. If you took a glimpse into my life you’ll see no attachments, no mortgage, no husband, no children. I tried last year to “settle down”, plant some roots, start a new life in a new city, but it just didn’t sit right with me. When I thought long and hard about it, my gut was yelling at me to continue traveling.… Read more
Posted on 03/23/2016 | 2 Comments